“Honor your father and mother, which is the first commandment with promise. So that it may go well with you, and you may be long on earth”. (Ephesians 6: 2-3).

Bill Gates, the rich philanthropist victim of many slanders.

Today, an unavoidable question arises: Is Bill Gates a conspirator against humanity? The false news takes more strength in these moments of deep uncertainty, fear, anguish and world crisis. It is fully demonstrated that false news has historically been used to obtain economic, political, religious, or warlike advantages, fame or benefits.

Why has so much misinformation and slander focused on Bill Gates in recent years? You will draw your own conclusions after learning about the inquiries and analyzes that we propose in this article.

The Bill Gates Story

Each human being is preceded by a story. The famous Bill Gates was preceded by his father in his philanthropic work. Let’s briefly meet Bill Gates senior, father of Bill Gates Junior, owner of Microsoft.

Bill Gates, a senior philanthropist and prestigious attorney, born in Washington at 94 years of age, served in the US Army in World War II, graduated with honors in November 1946; he received countless awards for community services and as a professional; in 2004 he visited the NAZ Foundation in India, a center for care of HIV positive children. He served on the family planning board. He is co-chair of the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. Founding co-chair of the Pacific Health Summit.

He is the author of the book: “Showing Life: reflections on the gifts of a lifetime.” Co-author with Chuck Collins of the book: “Wealth and our community”. A defense of the policies promoted by the wealth tax, where it manifests the need to tax accumulated fortunes.

Both Bill Gates senior and Bill Gates Junior (owner Microsoft) have stated that the wealthy should pay more than they currently pay. Bill Gates Junior said in January this year that he has been pushing for a fairer tax system for years:

“Almost two decades ago, my father and I started asking for an increase in the federal estate tax and an estate tax in our home state of Washington, which has the most regressive tax system in the country.”

He emphasized in the book his father wrote about the need to tax accumulated fortunes.

Bill Gates’ fortune

In 1995, he founded the Technology Alliance to expand technology-based employment in Washington. Bill Gerberding president UW (1979 – 1995) said of Bill Gates senior: “A good man with a big heart and generous public spirit.” Former Seattle Mayor Norman Rice said of him:

“Gates’ core values ​​like social justice and economic opportunity.”

This philanthropic heritage is followed by Bill Gates Junior, the creator of Microsoft, but even broader worldwide thanks to the fact that he became the richest man in the world.

In 2000, he created the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, with the aim of helping the poorest countries on the planet in matters of health, education, economic development, the environment, and thus eradicate poverty and improve their quality of life. To this end, it has donated more than US $ 30 billion so far, including US $ 200 million that it donated to prevent AIDS in India.

Created in 2009 by The Giving Pledge Foundation, the goal of the Giving Pledge is to affiliate the richest people in the world and commit them to donate at least 50% of their fortunes to social work.

Bill Gates Junior stated in an interview done in New York 6 years ago:

“My fortune is to help the poor. It’s in my account, but I don’t consume it. ”

Her children proudly received the announcement made by their father that they will inherit US $ 10 million each, and the rest of their fortune, estimated at more than US $ 100 billion, will be used to finance social programs in the poorest countries. The magnate also stated:

“We are not doing our children any favors by giving them great wealth. That distorts anything they could do to create their own path. ”

In the midst of a pandemic, he is raising nearly US $ 7.4 billion (of which he contributed US $ 1.6 billion) for campaigns against measles, polio, typhoid, and others, which have multiplied by the current global health crisis and by the anti-vaccine movement that has spread irresponsibly without any certainty or serious scientific study to back them up.

The anti-vaccine movement

The anti-vaccine movement took off after British physician Andrew Jeremy Wakefield, known for being an anti-vaccine activist, published a fraudulent investigation in 1998 trying to support the thesis of a relationship between the triple viral vaccine and the appearance of various diseases. On January 28, 2010, a court accused him of fraud, falsification of his medical duty, and he was excluded from the medical record with an observation of the fraudulent falsification that he incurred and his license to practice medicine was revoked. An investigation by reporter Brian Deer published in the Sunday Times showed the existence of a conflict of interest of the doctor Wakefield, whose purpose was to discredit the application of vaccines. There is a hidden interest in discrediting vaccines.

This anti-vaccine movement discouraged vaccinations worldwide, causing a decrease in vaccination rates. It also generated a significant increase in cases of measles, mumps, etc., causing serious and fatal cases, and other diseases that were believed to have been eradicated have reappeared.

All those who initially supported Wakefield’s thesis withdrew their support and today there is no respectable scientific organization to support his hypothesis. Vaccines save between 3 and 4 million lives in the world, the decrease in infant mortality is due to them.

In 2008 Bill Gates retired from Microsoft management to dedicate himself to the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation and became the greatest philanthropist in global health. Its main focus has been on reducing mortality in the poorest countries, financing the development and research of vaccines for these countries that generally find it difficult to obtain a cure for many diseases that affect them.

Bill’s campaigns

In 1990, 13 million children died before the age of five, and in 2015 it fell to 6.5 million. This is due to new vaccines that have reached the poorest and most needy populations on the planet. Bill Gates managed to get manufacturers to supply them at much lower prices.

It has also focused on economic development through education and environmental protection in the poorest countries. He made a projection that by 2035 there will be no low-income countries in Latin America and asked that governments maintain or increase levels of development aid, since private philanthropy “cannot fill the gaps.”

He has always stated that through economic development it is the best way to control overpopulation; since it is documented that raising the standard of living of a population contributes to being more responsible in education and family planning.

But of course, many do not like the philanthropic activities carried out by Bill Gates Junior supporting health and development in the poorest countries. Whenever humanity has been attacked by epidemics and pandemics (bubonic plague, Spanish fever, H1N1, SARS, etc.), the richest countries have ended up monopolizing vaccines and other medicines. The poorest countries are always excluded from them and having to subsequently obtain them at too high prices. Equally, many dislike Bill Gates Junior’s stances of raising taxes on the highest estates.

The slanders against Bill

So what is behind so much disinformation against the work carried out by Bill Gate Junior for the benefit of the poorest countries on the planet? Get your own conclusions.

Many criticize Bill Gates Junior for his support for the poorest countries, arguing that saving the lives of these populations has an impact on the excess population. Others argue that the poorest countries are doomed to remain so. While aid is generally wasted in administrative mismanagement. For his performances Bill Gates Junior thinks and proves the opposite.

For all of the above, all kinds of proven falsehoods have been woven against the actions of Bill Gates Junior:

It is false that he was expelled from India for alleged illnesses of children affected by vaccines.

Much more false than the above, is the theory that you are developing vaccines to implant microchips. With this theory, in addition to wanting to instill fear in the population, they want to manipulate the Christian sector, since the Bible speaks in Revelation 13: 16 – 17 of the implantation of a brand where people will have all their identification so that nobody can buy or sell if not the one that had the brand, in the same chapter it is also said that, without this brand it will be almost impossible to make any commercial transaction. Something that is very far from reality through the application of vaccines. Bill Gates Junior has never said about plans to implant microchips.

Even more fanciful is the theory that 5G antennas are going to be connected to putative microchips to control humanity.

With the life testimony summarized here by Bill Gates Junior, the theory that he was the creator of the Covid-19 virus with the purpose of reducing the population is denied. Also, viruses are not created from scratch, existing ones are modified. To create a new virus, part of another virus has to be taken, and this is not presented in Covid-19.

Bill’s premonition

Humanity has always been unprotected against pandemics, which in the entire history of humanity have produced millions of deaths, and have always been the greatest concern of all governments and scientists. This is why Bill Gates warned since March 2015 that a pandemic posed a greater threat to humanity than a nuclear war, since nations have not built the urgent and necessary defenses against new infectious diseases.

It is important not to spread or share these conspiracy theories without any certainty or evidence that they can have dire public health consequences, you must verify with facts before sharing.

While it is true there are malevolent hands behind generating discredit to the philanthropic work of Bill Gates Junior in favor of the poorest countries, it is also true that the same malicious power intends to generate destabilization in several countries for them to penetrate them politically and economically, and they take advantage These global economic crises and recessions to appropriate companies that go bankrupt and then sell them at a better price, generating more poverty, inequality and inequity in the poorest countries on the planet, regardless of the fate of these countries. In the next article I will develop these arguments.
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